What would you do to transform Downtown Canton?

What are the Downtown Revitalization Initiative and NY-Forward Programs?

In its seventh year, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative will award $10 million to one community in each of the ten New York economic regions.  

In addition, NY-Forward awards will be smaller but more numerous than the DRI, offering up to three awards per region - either two $4.5 million awards, or one $4.5 million award and two $2.25 million awards.

The awards will help winning communities develop plans and implement projects which will “connect the renaissance of magnet cities with the revitalization of smaller downtowns - creating greater opportunities for New York residents, businesses, and visitors.”

Canton can be transformed through innovative projects

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For more information about Economic and Community Development initiatives in Canton, please contact Leigh Rodriguez, Director of Economic Development:

(315) 386-2871 x5 or lrodriguez@cantonny.gov.

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